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Didgeridoo Australia is headed by Ganga Giri, didgeridoo virtuoso and descendant of the Palawa people in Tasmania, and Henning Gerlt, qualified educator and adopted family member of Gumatj people in NE Arnhem Land.
We are an umbrella organisation - working with a number of highly experienced and passionate Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educators and performers
We are a social enterprise - aiming at improving the education on Aboriginal culture by providing entertaining and educational programs to Early Learning Centres, Schools, Universities, Corporate Organisations and Events.
Our mission: to inspire as many people as possible about Aboriginal culture!

Early Learning Centres

We are offering ten different incursions for Early Learning Centres:

  • Aboriginal Culture
  • Meet an Aboriginal Elder!
  • Aboriginal Art
  • Aboriginal Craft
  • Bush Food Ingredients
  • Didgeridoo Meditation
  • Aboriginal Dancing
  • Aboriginal Storytelling
  • Boomerangs
  • Corroboree!
Our programs meet National Quality standard 1.1, particularly elements 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 as we connect children to the indigenous community and offer children hands on knowledge and experience in the indigenous culture.
All incursions are designed for children from 3 to 5, and a maximum group size of around 25 children.
The duration is 60 minutes, and we are focusing on interactive presentations and hands-on activities for the children throughout to ensure maximum engagement.
Fees: most incursions are $350 + GST, a discounted rate of $600 + GST applies to two back-to-back incursions (exceptions: Meet an Aboriginal Elder and Aboriginal Art incursions, prices in our brochure).
For further information on our incursions please download our ELC brochure.


Stimulate musical creativity & cultural curiosity

Didgeridoo Australia is a unique addition to school curriculums, multicultural events, theatre projects, holiday programs, open days or a full Aboriginal song and dance concert all its own.

Our tailored curriculum includes Aboriginal song and dance, Didgeridoo performances and workshops, and ICT presentations on aspects of Aboriginal culture. The emphasis is on student involvement, which cultivates a sense of community among kids (and sees some take up the Didgeridoo).

Download Our School Brochure!

Corporate Organisations

Increase workplace morale and productivity at your next corporate event with relaxed, fun-filled Didgeridoo programs that encourage group participation and synergies. We can customise programs to address specific areas.

The Didgeridoo’s unique sound helps break down social barriers, allowing participants to work together in harmony. The breathing required to play is proven to relieve stress and increase focus.

Our Didgeridoo programs are ideal for conferences, seminars, training programs, leadership events, stress management workshops, social events, anything!



Get ready to be inspired!

We can provide you with solo didgeridoo performers, Aboriginal dance troupes and the amazing, world-class Ganga Giri show at your next event!

Our performers are passionate about Aboriginal culture and have performed at some of the world’s leading festivals, including Glastonbury (UK), Womad (UK), Burning Man (USA), Winnipeg Folk Festival (Canada), Rainbow Serpent (Australia) and Woodford Folk Festival (Australia).

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