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Increase workplace morale and productivity at your next corporate event with relaxed, fun-filled Didgeridoo programs that encourage group participation and synergies. We can customise programs to address specific areas.

The Didgeridoo’s unique sound helps break down social barriers, allowing participants to work together in harmony. The breathing required to play is proven to relieve stress and increase focus.

Our Didgeridoo programs are ideal for conferences, seminars, training programs, leadership events, stress management workshops, social events, anything!



Get ready to be inspired!

We can provide you with solo didgeridoo performers, Aboriginal dance troupes and the amazing, world-class Ganga Giri show at your next event!

Our performers are passionate about Aboriginal culture and have performed at some of the world’s leading festivals, including Glastonbury (UK), Womad (UK), Burning Man (USA), Winnipeg Folk Festival (Canada), Rainbow Serpent (Australia) and Woodford Folk Festival (Australia).

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